Peter Wolf black queen to kings castle

BLACK QUEEN TO KING'S CASTLE starred Kathryn Pogson and David Troughton, and was last broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in March 2006. Producer: Cherry Cookson. Script: Peter Wolf.

"We can't have it both ways I suppose. We complain about a succession of bland plays then we get this - non-stop anguish before her head's chopped off. There can't be many English people who don't know this story a thusand times over, yet this version...made my skin crawl. Well written, well acted, well directed...a clever portrayal of a well-known story." - RADIO TIMES

On the anniversary of the night of her execution, it is rumoured that Anne Boleyn still haunts her family home in Norfolk. Is it possible that her ghost is trapped within the walls, trying to escape? Henry VIII's most reviled wife tells her own story...with a transcendental twist.