Peter Wolf be someone

BE SOMEONE - a second signature piece, adapted especially from Peter and Norbert Zehm's opera CADENCE MACBETH, was given its independent concert premiere on November 9, 2012.
The song featured in repertoire at Innsbruck's renowned Treibhaus concert venue,
with visual art by Roland Schrettl.
Ensemble: Arno Raunig - Soprano, Susanne Merth-Tomasi - Violin, Peter Polzer - Cello,
Norbert Zehm - Klavier / Keyboards / Composition, Irina Zehm - Sound Projections.
It was performed as a companion piece to THE YEAR IS A SONG 
as part of Norbert and Roland's ongoing TIME WINDOWS project.
Read an interview with Norbert on the project in Kronenzeitung 9. November 2012