Peter Wolf cargo cult

CARGO CULT by Peter Wolf premiered September 1987 at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Barbican Theatre. Cast: Simon Russell Beale, Nat Parker, David Haig. Director: Leona Heimfeld.
 CARGO CULT has since been produced at numerous other venues.
"Peter Wolf's play balances tension, humour and a mite of magic."
"...a healthy dose of madness and a neat, surreal ending...thoroughly enjoyable."
"When three 'thin white gods' arrive on a remote Pacific island in a 'silver bird' that comes from 'beyond the sun',
 it is small wonder that they are treated with awe and apprehension. In this clever dramatisation of the real life phenomenon of cargo cults, Peter Wolf shows how the white man can look ridiculous, exotic, and bizarre
 to people of other lands. There can be few more entertaining ways of spending (time) than watching
the antics of the British through Pacific eyes."