Peter Wolf crossing the line

WINNER: Gold Medal for Best Drama at the 2002 International Radio Broadcasting Awards,  commonly known as 'the radio Oscars', hosted by the New York Festival.

"Peter Wolf's CROSSING THE LINE is about a man running away from his past. Inspired by the true stories of the thousands of illegal immigrants who try to cross the border from Mexico into California daily, this was a powerful piece of writing about the hope and horror of people in flight from hardship. 'Most nights they eat Mexican,' one of the border guards says, referring to the coyotes that feast on the dead bodies of those who don't make the crossing. After last week's events in Glasgow's Sighthill, this made brutally compelling listening."


CROSSING THE LINE was first broadcast 13 August 2001, BBC World Service.

Script: Peter Wolf                     Producer: Cherry Cookson               Music: Chris Isaak