Peter Wolf death in venice

"If you saw the Dirk Bogarde film, you'll love this. If you didn't, you'll love it anyway. This new production works from the original German text and it is fittingly tormented, portraying Venice as a beautiful city riddled with decay." 
"...treating us to chunks of elegant narration and emphasising Gustav's disturbing metamorphosis
from 'high culture to bestiality'. An expert adaptation by Peter Wolf."
"Peter Wolf's dramatisation goes beyond surface style. Powerful stuff - and not a note of Mahler."

"Sensuality turned fetid is the hallmark of Death In Venice, which returns the classic to something approaching Thomas Mann's original novel. Peter Wolf's adaptation re-enlists Mann's work as an essay in living decomposition." THE STAGE


Critics' Choice in The Sunday Times, The Observer, Time Out, and the Mail on Sunday,
 DEATH IN VENICE was first broadcast in on BBC Radio 3, producer Cherry Cookson.