Peter Wolf feed the world


"Judith is a woman whose life has not quite worked out the way she planned. Her ex-husband wants to take her house away, her image-obsessed teenage daughter refuses to eat - life seems to be passing her by. As if things couldn't get any worse, she is then forced to confront her past, as an Ethiopian child she sponsored back in the eighties arrives on her doorstep one night, wanting to be in touch once again. What is Judith to do? What would you do? Is charity about giving when we want to, or about giving when we have to? Starring Tessa Peake-Jones as Judith and Clive Wedderburn as Ato."    ABC AUSTRALIA

Peter's follow-up BBC World Service commission after the award winning CROSSING THE LINE, FEED THE WORLD, produced by Rishi Sankar, represented the UK's contribution to the 2004 WORLDPLAY international drama broadcasting season.