Peter Wolf in extremis

IN EXTREMIS: MOMENTS OF SURVIVAL premiered at the Young Vic Theatre in 1997 - this was Peter's first work for Polyglot Theatre Company, and the success of this collaborative effort paved the way for his next stage play The Golem the following year.

Polyglot, a group set up by director Leona Heimfeld "dedicated to exploring issues raised by the Holocaust", clearly relishes a challenge. And its latest endeavour, In Extremis meets it with surprising success. Striking a cautious balance between collective storytelling and individual testimonies, the piece avoids buckling under the weight of the topic by sticking to a theme of "survival". It is this that links four plays (by Bonnie Greer, Bernard Kops, Peter Wolf and Maggie O'Kane) and a quartet of "moments", in which we see the flickering flame of a life suddenly steady. - THE INDEPENDENT