Peter Wolf kill devil hills

"Josh, a drawling meat-brained hick from a town called Kill Devil Hills, sidles into the wrong side of LA and gets a bar job in a seedy joint run by a ginger-bearded dude by the name of Al Gritz. Mr Gritz's fingers are poking around some rancid, dangerous pies..Peter Wolf's play is cleverly made up by a range of weird, impelling characters." - TIME OUT

"This powerful and fast-moving play is Peter Wolf's first full-length work. His exceptional talent is matched by Diane West's skilful directing." - WHAT'S ON

"KILL DEVIL HILLS is a strangely compelling and funny play." - CITY LIMITS

KILL DEVIL HILLS premiered as a Paine's Plough public reading, then was fully produced by Red Stage Theatre Company. In 1990 it received an official credit from Los Angeles Theatre Center.  The play forms Volume 1 of Peter's CALIFORNIA TRILOGY. For Volume 2 see DESERT DREAMS.