Peter Wolf raising mrs rossetti

"Outrage greeted Dante Gabriel Rossetti's exhumation of his wife from Highgate Cemetery in 1869, a bizarre event now re-examined in a new play written by her descendant Peter Wolf." - EVENING STANDARD

"Fascinating new play...a gripping glimpse of a man struggling with his inner demons and the potential of art and literature to transcend mortality. - WEST END EXTRA  

"Peter Wolf's fascinating new play disinters the life and times of one of his own ancestors...a wittily written and vibrant examination of the contradictions between the loftiness of artistic aspirations and the lowliness of flesh-and-blood reality." - WHAT'S ON

"The impressive thing about Peter Wolf's gothic treatment of immortality, art, life, death and obsession is that it does indeed get right under the skin of the artistic and personal delirium which became the heart of the English Romantic movement... the sheer imaginitive energy of his writing borders on the visionary...a compelling and sardonic picture of the artist just this side of madness. Leona Heimfeld's delightful production...deserves to be seen." - HAM & HIGH 


RAISING MRS ROSSETTI premiered in 1995 at the Link Theatre, Holborn.

Director: Leona Heimfeld                              Music: Norbert Zehm