Peter Wolf red star belgrade

"RED STAR BELGRADE is the story of the formation of a soccer team, but it's about far more than football. Set in 1941, it is on one level a war-story of courage and daring, but it also questions the whole business of loyalty to family, race and country, the desirability of survival and the inadmissibility of passivity." - RADIO TIMES

"...there is much more to the remarkable story told here than simply a game of two halves, for Peter Wolf's play is a tale of personal heroism and the brutal intervention of politics in sport. Bill Nighy stars in the heroic tale." - THE TIMES


Critics' Choice in The Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Time Out, and Radio Times: produced by Cherry Cookson, RED STAR BELGRADE was first broadcast in March 2001 on BBC Radio 4.