Peter Wolf strange meeting
Saturday 10th November 2012 : BBC RADIO 4 EXTRA
"This play for Armistice Day is an atmospheric and moving account of the last hours of Wilfred Owen's life.
 The sense of despair mingled with cameraderie in the trenches is brilliantly conveyed, particularly by
Alex Jennings as The Captain and Paul Rhys as Owen."
"This clever, horrifying play by Peter Wolf is inspired by Wilfrid Owen's famous poem Strange Meeting.
 Superb direction by Cherry Cookson."
"A lyrical but complex play - with wonderful music by Norbert Zehm."
"...the piece has what are already turning into Wolf's trademarks - a scorching intensity,
 a lacerating and uncompromising vision of hell. No feelgood dramatist, he coerces listeners
 to engage, and lassoes our imagination."
STRANGE MEETING premiered on BBC Radio 4 to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Armistice Day in 1998. It was Critics' Choice in The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Express, Daily Mail, Radio Times, Mail on Sunday, The Independent on Sunday, The Observer.
Its most recent BBC broadcasts were on Remembrance Sunday 2010