Peter Wolf the spirit of jack cade

THE SPIRIT OF JACK CADE, co-written by Brett Fancy & Peter Wolf, premiered at the Edinburgh Festival (DiMarco's) in 1990, with direction by Foz Allan, and original music by Norbert Zehm.

"Little is known about Jack Cade...this imaginative one man play by Brett Fancy and Peter Wolf shows Cade returning to life in order to present his version of events. The play is written in suitably archaic but vigorous language..." - THE SCOTSMAN

"Themes which dominate Shakespeare's history plays are reworked into exciting, accessible theatre." - FESTIVAL TIMES 

"In this very inventive and ingenious one man play by Brett Fancy and Peter Wolf, Cade returns...flourishing the truth as he holds aloft the sword of is altogether an exciting and challenging evocation of an era and an Englishman which deserves to be remembered ." - THE STAGE

"My highlights from this year's festival are as follows: The Spirit of Jack Cade..." - THE NORTHERN ECHO 

  "Beautifully written...this show is one of the finds of the Festival." - MORNING STAR