Peter Wolf where the wild things are

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE was the first ever adaptation of Maurice Sendak's world-famous bestseller. First aired on BBC Radio 4, on Christmas Day 2002. Produced by Marc Beeby, the play became Critics' Choice in The Times, The Sunday Times, Radio Times, The Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent on Sunday and The Observer.

"The night that Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief has been brilliantly dramatised by Peter Wolf. Fans of the book may wonder how the story can possibly work without Maurice Sendak's famous illustrations of the lumpy jumpy Wild Things and the forest growing in Max's room after he is sent to bed without supper. Against all the odds, it does. Children and parents will love it." - THE TIMES

An absolutely superb adaptation." - DAILY MAIL

"You know it's Christmas when you see Raymond Briggs' Snowman on TV. Peter Wolf's adaptation (of Maurice Sendak's book) is in line to become radio's seasonal equivalent." - THE OBSERVER